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Structural Steel and Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Structural metal fabrication is the art of making custom metal items or constructions by cutting, bending and welding together different raw materials, ultimately reaching the final product design. In fabrication, metal is manipulated in a creative manner to produce exact specifications according to the client’s specifications. Metal fabricators usually use a hand-held computer machine to specify the sizes, pitch and twist of individual metal parts or entire structures. Structural metalworking is a rapidly growing field worldwide as one of the popular construction techniques used today. Structural metal fabrication is usually carried out by sheet metal and wire fabrication shops, although other types of fabrication shops also perform this work.

Among all the different sheet fabrication processes, abrasive steel cutting is very simple and inexpensive compared to other methods and it yields a desired shape and size. This is a process where a hard, thick piece of steel is manually fed into a die at high speed in order to form a piece of metal by simply cutting it straight at its center. The fed sheet metal pieces are then manually bent, curved or cut according to the clients’ requirements to achieve the desired shape and size. High pressure is used in abrasive cutting to ensure that the material is perfectly circular, with minimal slop.

Custom Metal Fabrication techniques are used in creating many products such as antennas, antenna extensions, car grilles, antenna extensions, fender flares, wheel hubs, valves, steering wheels and much more. They can also be used in creating complete structures such as buildings, ships, trucks, tunnels, bridges and many more. Most of these products are built to withstand extreme conditions such as extreme weather conditions and underwater conditions. Many times metal fabrication techniques are also utilized to create artistic shapes. These products are also used for various decorative purposes such as ornamental fences, gates, signs and many more.

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